The assigning rights feature enables you to assign appropriate rights to a user Id of the staff or the admin which has been created from the company level. The rights can be assigned to a new user or an existing user (in case of a promotion of staff the rights be upgraded)

How to assign the rights to a Staff

For assigning rights to a New User:

  • Login to the software -  go to Users tab (either after a new user is created or for an existing user)

  • The next step is to click on Assign User Access and you will be redirected to the User Access page.

User Access:

  • Select the Staff’s name (User ID) in the Company User drop-down to whom you want to assign rights.

  • Select the center on which your staff should have access by clicking on the check-boxes. 

  • Select the Rights from the Access Template drop-down which you want to assign to your respective staff. e.g. Club Management Team, Front-desk, Sales. You can click on Preview Template to refer to the rights in the selected template.

  • And then click on Add Button.

  • Once you click on Add Button you will need to click on Save Button.


1. Who has access to change the rights?

Ans: The admin of the center i.e. owner and/or manager (if he/she has the admin rights) and/or a person who has been assigned as the center admin.

2. What if the center is not visible at the time of assigning?

Ans: The center might be deactivated by the billing team due to reasons known to the center owner and/or center accountant and the FitnessForce Billing team. In this scenario, you can contact the billing team on the number provided to you or email at

3. How will we come to know who has assigned/changed the rights to the specific user?

Ans: In the second image, there is a hyperlink as “User Access List” right below the “Add” button, you will be able to view who has provided the rights and if required you can remove the rights too. 

For the steps on how to do the same, refer to Remove rights of centers from an User Id