This feature enables you to transfer the client records from one staff to another.

  • Click on Settings → Mass Client Rep. Change. This will take you to a new page as shown below.

  • Select the Center Name using drop-down and click on Search

  • Select Client Rep using the dropdown. (Staff name from whom you want to transfer the data on other staff ids).

  • Select the Enquiry Date From and Enquiry Date To (To filter the Client Data to be Transferred.) If you wish to transfer complete data then without selecting the date range directly click on Search.

  • Select the Client Status as Enquiry, Member, or Trial.

  • Then click on Search. Data of selected staff’s accounts will be fetched as below.

  • Step 3 will allow you to select the staff name on which you wish to transfer all the selected data.

  • Click on the first radio button to move all the clients to the New Client Rep.

  • If not, then click on the 2nd radio button to move specific quantities to the New Client Rep. e.g. In step 2 there are a total 11 data records so using the 2nd radio button you can choose to transfer only 5 data on new client rep and rest of the data on another new client rep.

  • Then click on Update to change the New Client Rep according to the selection

Note: The benefit of this feature is, in case any staff quit the job then you can move all of their clients to any active staff in bulk.