This feature enables you to add sessions rather than keep a count/track on the existing session which means if there are 3 sessions and you can use them within 15 days, we can track each session with the count.


In order to keep the track on the sessions open the trial page wherein you will find the details for the existing trail.


  • Trial count: how many trial/session was taken out of the allowed trial count.

  • The trial allowed: the total number of trials can be taken by the client e.g. the trail allowed is 3 then the client is allowed to take only 3 sessions for the trail.

  • Total Amount: the amount for the trial 

  • Trial balance Amount: balance amount after each session. e.g. Total amount is Rs.1500 for 3 sessions and per session is Rs. 500 and the client has finished 1 session out of 3 so the Trial balance amount will be Rs.1000. Note: you can configure the total amount in Global setting and select 

  • Trial Start date 

  • Trial Expiry Date

  • Products: name of the trial product e.g.3 day trail 

  • Session: in this column, you have an option view Session.




Once you click on View session the section will you reflect a summary of the trial taken by the client and other details like: 


  • Session ID: for each session, there is a unique ID that gets created.

  • Amount: This is the amount per session. e.g. Total amount is Rs.1500 for 3 sessions and per session is Rs. 500 

  • Package: Name of the trial product 

  • Date: you can keep a track of the session when it was taken by the date.

  • Comments: any Comments can be added when you click on Edit and then update the same. 

  • Cancel: this will give you an option to cancel the particular session it will not be count as used session then 

  • Session Handle by: here you will be able to see the trainer's name.

  • New Session: clicking on this will give you an option to add a new session.



  • Once you click on a new session you can select the product by clicking on the green + sign 

  • The product will be shown below and then you need to set the session date when the session will be taken.


  • You selected the trainers' name in the session handle by option and it will give you a drop-down with the user/staff name at your center.

  • Clicking on Submit this session will be saved.



Once you go back to the trial session page, you can see the trial count as 3 and Trial balance Amount as 0 because all the 3 trials have been taken and the amount has been utilized per session Rs.500 and there is no balance.


In order to add any comments for a specific session, you can click Edit and add the comment in the text box and then click on Update.



1. Who can book a trial?

Ans: One who has rights for booking a trail 


2. What is the session handled by?

Ans: This means the trainer’s name who will be conducting the trial session.


3. Where is the Trail amount defined?

Ans: This is done in Global Setting >TRIAL Amount 


4. Can you cancel any trail that is scheduled?

Ans: It can be canceled by clicking the respective session’s Cancel button and update the reason for cancellation .the amount will be reversed in Trial balance Amount