If a member requests a copy of the invoice, you can either send a hard copy or soft copy of the invoice using the print or the mail feature.

  1. Search for the member who is asking for a hard copy or soft copy of the invoice by entering his/her name or contact number in the Omni Search

  1. Click on the member given in the search result to open the member’s summary page.

  1.  Click on Purchase History in order to get the list of invoices for a member

  1.  In case of multiple invoices, multiple invoice tabs will appear one below the other,Click on the Invoice Tab of the invoice you wish to Print or Mail

  1.  On clicking the invoice Tab the respective invoice will open on the right side and you will get the Print and Mail option

  1. In order to get a hard copy of the bill you may click on the Print option and if you wish to send the invoice to the member via Mail i.e. soft copy, you may click the Mail option. 


  • After clicking on the print option you will get the print settings menu to print the invoice as desired. 

  • Clicking on the mail option will give you a popup to enter the email address of the member. If the email address was already entered while filling the enquiry / member form, the same email address will reflect in the popup. Clicking on submit will send a soft copy of the bill to the client on the email address mentioned.