Digital Wallet is a feature for the amount received from the member which is a prepaid amount or deposit amount. This amount can be used whenever the client wants to avail services in the future. e.g. If you’ve got a cafe in your gym/club or selling protein bars, monster energy drinks, protein shakes, the client can purchase these products from the digital wallet balance as this provides ease to the client of not carrying any extra cash or cards to purchase these products.   

How to add an amount to the member’s Digital Wallet:

  • Search for the client in the Omni search and open the client profile page.

  • Click on Purchase History.

  • Click on the Digital Wallet option. You will be directed to the billing page, as the member needs to buy the wallet credits.

  • Click on Digital Wallet service on the billing page to add an amount in the digital wallet.

  •    Click on Add To Cart.


  • Enter the Amount. As per the member’s request to deposit.

  • Select the Payment Mode through which the member is buying wallet credits i.e. cash, credit card. Note: You can use multiple payment modes to accept the digital wallet payment.


  •   Click on Pay Now option to add the payment mode amount.

  •   Click on Submit to confirm the Payment.  

  •  After clicking on Submit you will get a Success Message and the Member will have his/her Digital Wallet activated.He/she can now use the Digital Wallet to make future payments. 

Note: Clicking on Submit will also open the Print setting popup and you can print the invoice of the deposit given to activate Digital Wallet. A payment Mode will be added named Digital Wallet along with the other payment modes.

 To check the Digital Wallet Amount/Balance

  1. Open the members Summary Page

  1. Scroll down to the middle of the Summary Page

  1. On the left side, you will be able to view the member’s Available Wallet Credit. This will show you the total balance left in the digital wallet of that member

Note: Each time a payment is made using the Digital Wallet, the amount is deducted from the wallet and is updated here automatically. You can also check the current balance of any client from the Digital Wallet Report.