Freezing of Membership refers to pausing the membership of a member for a certain duration. e.g. when the member is going out of town for an emergency, you can pause their membership for a period of time and the expiry date of the membership gets extended further for that specified period. 

When the membership is frozen and if the member visits the club or the gym during that period automatically the membership gets activated. 

When a freeze entry is performed it auto-extends the membership expiry date.

e.g. 6 months membership starting from March 01, 2020 valid up to September 30, 2020. If Membership will be frozen for 30 days then the new membership expiry date will be October 30, 2020.

Prepaid Freeze:- 

The prepaid freeze feature can be used, if you want to sell the package inclusive of the freezing charges. Clients do not have to pay for any additional charges at the time of doing the membership freeze because these charges are already included at the time of buying the membership i.e advance freeze fee charges. 

In prepaid freeze, membership amount is inclusive of the freezing charges and the members don't have to pay when they want to freeze a particular membership.

However the freeze will be allowed as per the ‘Freeze Attempts’. Before applying for the Freeze of membership no invoices will be generated.

If you want to allow one time ‘Freeze’ for free then select the type as ‘Prepaid’  and Freeze attempt as “1” for that particular product. Fee will remain “0” and no invoices will be generated either.

Below are steps to freeze a membership. 

How to Freeze a Membership:- 


  • Click in the Omni search box.


  • Enter the contact no/client id or name.


  • Click on Freeze.


  • Click on Create New Freeze.



  • Select Membership for Freeze.



  • Select From Date and To Date.


  • Enter Comment in the text box provided.


  • Click on Submit button


  • If it’s a prepaid freeze it will allow you to freeze without collecting any charges.


  • While freezing the membership of a product you shall see if the product is a prepaid or a post paid freeze. 


  • Upon successful completion of the freeze you will get a pop up - “Data saved Successfully”



Refer here for Postpaid Freeze to learn more