In an upgrade feature any short-term service can be upgraded to a long-term service for the same or different membership type. A member can upgrade from 1 month gym membership to 3 months or 6 months or 12 months membership depending on the memberships that are sold out in the gym.

In Adjustment Upgrade Feature any short-term service can be upgraded to a long term service for different membership types and different branches or centers.

  • Search for the member that wants to upgrade by entering the member’s name or number in the Omni Search.

  • Click on the member in the Search Result to open the member’s page.

  • Select the Upgrade tab so as to get the upgrade options.

  • Select the Upgrade Date, click on Adjustment in order to make an Adjustment Upgrade and select the branch or center where you want the membership to be upgraded.

  • From the Upgrade From list select the membership that the member chooses to upgrade.

  • After selecting the membership from upgrade from you will get the upgrade to options. Select the membership to which the member wants to upgrade. Since it is an adjustment upgrade the member can upgrade to any membership in any other Membership Type.

  •  The Diff Payable amount is the amount to be paid by the member. This amount gets calculated automatically.

  • You can give a discount (depending on the discount rights) either by entering the Discount Amount or the Discount Percent.

  •  Tax (if applicable) is applied and the final amount will be shown as Total INR.

  • Make the payment by selecting the Mode of Payment and entering the Amount the member is paying for now.

  • Click on Add to make the payment

  • You can add a Follow-up if the member is making part payment.

  •  Click on Upgrade to confirm the upgrade.

  •  You will get a Success message indicating that the membership has been upgraded.



1. Can members upgrade membership to the same amount?

Ans: Yes


2. Can members pay by any other payment mode other than cash in the branch?

Ans: Yes


3. Can member upgrade membership to same Service?

Ans: No, this can be done by Standard Upgrade (Refer to Standard Upgrade to learn more)


4. Can member upgrade membership after ten days in the club

Ans: Yes, provided the product is configured in such a manner. There is a Field in Product Creation as ‘Number of days until upgrade is allowed’ should be set as 10.

5. Can the upgrade feature be used for a member more than once?

Ans: No. As it is a one time feature for a member .

6. Is the GST calculated on upgrade?

Ans: If the Product configuration has the Tax field as GST then it will calculate the upgrade.

7. Does adjustment upgrade works on all the services?

Ans. Yes

8. Can the adjustment upgrade be done by anyone?

Ans: If the rights are given then only the staff can do an adjustment upgrade.

9. How will I know if a membership is upgraded?

Ans: In the Membership Details section on the member profile the Membership Status will be ‘Upgraded’.