You can click on membership details on the client profile page to check the details of the memberships. 


  • Number of sessions available (used and unused)

  • Membership status (active, inactive, upgraded, transferred, suspended or Expired) 

  • Purchase date, activation date & expiry date of the membership 


You can also cancel, activate, expire, suspend a membership by clicking on the desired link across the membership details of the client if the required rights are assigned.


  • Click on 'Membership Details' on the client profile page.

1. Membership Status as Active:

The member who has purchased a membership goes into the active state from the date of Activation date. In the below example the membership is in Active state.

2. Membership Status as Inactive:

2.A. If  the member does not want to start the membership from the Purchase date and wants to keep a future activation date than depending on the activation date the membership status is Inactive.

In-order to change the membership status from Active to Inactive.

  • Click on Active.

  • This will redirect you to a separate page.

  • Add the Activation Reason mentioning why you want to activate the membership  & the Date on which you want to activate the membership.
  • Click on Activate.

  •  The Membership Status will change to Inactive.

2.B. If there are 2 memberships of the same product or same product type then the activation date starts from the next day of the expiry date of the previous membership.

3. Membership Status as Freeze: If the membership is being on freeze then the member status shows us as freeze.

Refer to Prepaid freeze and Postpaid freeze to learn more.

4. Membership Status as Upgraded: If the membership is upgraded from one membership to another than the upgraded status shows ‘Upgraded’. In the below example the member has been upgraded from ‘Gym Floor – 1 month’ to ‘Gym Floor – 3 months’. So the ‘Gym Floor – 1 month’ membership shows as Upgraded and the current active membership ‘Gym Floor – 3 months’ shows ‘Active’.

Refer to Standard Upgrade and Adjustment Upgrade to learn more.

5. Membership Status as Transferred: If the membership has been transferred from one active member to another enquiry or member then the membership status shows as Transferred for the member who is going to transfer their membership.

Refer to Standard Upgrade and Adjustment Upgrade to learn more.

6. Membership Status as Suspended: If there is a remaining balance then the membership gets suspended (depending on the number of days after the activation date. By default it is set as 7 days)

  • Go to the Membership Details section on the client profile.

  • Click on Suspend.

  • You will get a popup to confirm the suspension of the membership. Click on Ok if you want to suspend the membership . Click on Cancel if you do not want to suspend the membership.

  • The membership status is changed to Suspended .

7. Membership Status as Expired: The membership can be expired manually in case you want to expire a membership earlier than the expiry date. You can follow the below steps :

  • Go to the Membership Details section on the client profile.

  • Click on Expire.

  • This will redirect to a separate page. Here add the following details:
  • Add the Expiry Date. The date on which you want to end the membership.
  • Add the Expiry Reason. The reason why the membership expired.
  • Comments: Additional comments for your reference, On what interaction basis the clients membership has expired. 
  • Click on the Expire button.



  • The membership will automatically expire on the given Expiry Date.



  • On the date of expiry it shows ‘Expired’ status.



8. Membership Status as Force Activation: The membership when suspended by the club or gets suspended due to nonpayment then it needs to be force activated.


  • Click on Force Activate.



  • You will receive a popup. Click on OK if you want to activate the membership. Click on Cancel if you do not want to activate the membership.



  • Add the Activation Reason to mention why you are activating the membership. Click on Force Activation.



  •  The membership will get activated.