“Write-off" refers to waive-off the balance amount for those clients who are not able/willing to pay the balance or have stopped visiting the gym for workouts. Writing-off any amount can also be considered under a non-recoverable/debt amount.

  • Search the client by their contact number, name, email id, client id or by national id in the Omni search. Select the profile and this will then redirect you to the member’s profile page.


  • Click on the Purchase History button. 



  • Click on the Overdue Invoice from the list. Detailed Invoice will populate on the right side of the screen. 


  • From the detailed invoice page on the right side. Click on the Write-Off button.


  • Note: This option is only available if you have the access right to do the write-off



  • After clicking on the write-off button. You’ll see a pop-up window in which you need to enter the required information like write-off reason, write-off amount and comment. 


  • After filling the information click on Submit to update the changes.  

Refer to Write-Off to learn more



1. Where can I find all the write- off invoices?

Ans: To view all the write-off transactions you can use the write-off report under the reports section. 


2. What happens to the membership after writing off the overdue invoice?

Ans: After the write-off entry is done, the Invoice balance amount will be nil and the Invoice will no longer be shown as an overdue invoice. Also, the membership of the client will get suspended.