This report enables you with the details of your Access control related information.

You can check the following information from access control report:

Member not attended, Member attended on a date and Member Enrollment.

  • From the top menu bar click on Reports options and click on the Access Control Timings. After clicking on access control timings, you’ll be directed to a new page as shown below.

  • On this page, you can search the results in three different information Member Not Attended, Member Attended on Date, Member Enrollment.

aMember Not attended: This option will show the data for members who have not come to the gym from last ‘X’ number of days.

bMember attended on date: This option will show the data for members who have visited the gym on a particular date range. This will give you information on Access granted and denied list with the reason.

cMember Enrollment: This will give you the list of members who are registered on the access control machine on a particular date range.

  • You can further narrow down your search results by using the few of the important filters as explained below.

  • Access Status: This filter can be used to search the data as per Access granted or the Denied list.

  • Attended On: This filter should be always on the Select option to search for any data.

  • From Date and To date: This filter can be used to search the data in any given date range.

  • Membership Status: You can use this filter to search the data as per the membership status like Active, Inactive, Expired.

  • Client Search: You can also search the data for one specific client. By entering the client’s contact number, Name, or Client Id in the search bar next to the client search filter.

  • Gender: This filter will give you results through Male or Female gender.

  • After selecting the filters as per your requirement. Click on the Filter button to search the results.

  • You’ll get the search results in the above-mentioned format. Also, you can export this data to excel. Note: export to excel option will be visible depending upon the access rights.


1. How do I know the denied reason?

Ans: Take your mouse cursor on the Denied reason and you’ll get a small pop-up with reason.