This report will enable you to find the total number of Enquiries, Members, Ex-Members & Trials which are added into the software since you have started using the software till the present date.

How to check the Client Database Report

1. Click on Reports.

2. Then click on Client Database, it will take you to the new page as shown below.

3. Client Database details can be fetched by using filter options as & when it’s required. 

4. If one wants to search the details of a particular client then they can make use of a Client Search drop-down (You can search the details with contact No, Name, Client ID)

5. If one wants to check one each staff how many clients’ records, then you can make the use of Client Rep dropdown & select the respective staff name. (It will bring all the details of clients available on selected staff’s name only)

6. Option Client Type will allow you to select types of clients such as Enquiry, Members, Ex-Members & Trials. 

7. Then click on Search. (You will get all the information of the clients available in the software as shown in the image above).

8. If one wants only data for a selective period of time then kindly click on More options available on the right side of the screen as shown above. Option More will extract additional details as shown in the image below. 

9. The date (From Date- to Date) range to view the client details in a particular time period.

10. One can make the use of given filters as per their requirement by selecting the drop-down.

11. Click on the Excel icon on the bottom right of the page to download the report in excel.