This feature enables you to remove the staff’s access rights from the required center/club. There can be multiple reasons for staff not having such accesses and can be disabled as required. Note: This feature is accessible to any Individual with the administrator rights on the software for single or multiple centers or clubs.

  • Login to Fitnessforce Software with your respective User id and Password.

  • Click on Users option.

  • Click on the Assign User Access option from the drop-down list. You will be redirected to a new page.

  • Click on the User Access List. Again you’ll be redirected to a new page as mentioned below.

  • Select the Username from the Company User dropdown.

  • Click on the Search Button. You’ll get the access rights information for all the centersClubs for this particular user.

  • Tick mark the CheckBox against the Tenant Name you want to remove the access rights from.


1. When is it required to remove the access rights of the center/club from a user id?

Ans: This applies if any user has been given rights to multiple centers/clubs. 

For example, If the user “A” has been provided with access rights to multiple centers/clubs like the center name ABC - Pune, ABC - Mumbai, and ABC - Delhi. Let’s say being an owner now you’ve decided that the User “A” should only manage two centers/clubs that’s ABC - Pune and ABC - Mumbai. And User “A” should not manage ABC - Delhi center. So this feature allows you to do necessary changes.