In the SMS Summary Report, you will be able to view all SMS that is sent according to the search criteria filled. The SMS Summary Report will show the overall progress of the sent SMS. If SMS is not sent then you can retry sending failed SMS or Opted Out SMS.

Where to find an SMS Summary report?

  • Login into FitnessForce Software

  • Go to Reports and Select SMS Summary

Which Filters Can Be Used for Reading SMS Summary Report?

  • Select Account Manager, State, City, and Center Name.

  • Select the Date Information as Yesterday, Today, Last Week or you can also select ‘From Date’ and ‘To Date’.

  • Select the SMS Information

Template Name – Name of the SMS Sent

Sent By – Through whose User ID has the SMS been sent

SMS Type – Whether the SMS was automated/live/manual


Once you have filtered the report, you will get the below-mentioned information:

  • Date

  • SMS Type

  • Template Name

  • Sent By

  • Total SMS Sent

  • Progress – This column depicts the bifurcation of total SMS sent i.e. whether delivered, failed, in a queue, or Opted Out.

  • Action – Allows to stop sending the SMS or resending the SMS’s to whom the SMS is not sent



1. Do I require any rights to view the SMS Report?

A: Yes, the rights should be given by the admin in order to view the reports.