Manual feature enables you to send SMS to your clients as and when you wish. Manual SMS can be sent either for pending balance or informing clients about a new offer/campaign or the gym being closed for maintenance.


How is a SMS template configured?


  • Login into your FitnessForce Software


  • Go to Settings > Click on – SMS Master



  • Click on – Create New


  • Under Send SMS – Select : Manually



  • Template Name – write down the identification name


  • Appointment Status – not mandatory


  • Template Text – write down your SMS template



Note – you can use the variables below to personalize the SMS.


  • FIRSTNAME – Will pick up the client name from the client profile

  • LASTNAME - Will pick up the client lastname from the client profile

  • MIDDLENAME - Will pick up the client middle from the client profile

  • MEMBERID – Will pick up the client id from the client profile