Repeat enquiry is a feature to change the enquiry date of an existing enquiry record in the system. This function can be used in case of the enquiry date was incorrectly selected earlier or to simply amend or revise the enquiry date. You can also re-select other fields while doing a repeat enquiry. e.g. Source of Enquiry or Type of Enquiry.

  • Go to the client Summary page.

  • On the right-hand corner click on 'More' option, from the drop-down click on 'Repeat Enquiry' option.

  • A pop-up screen will appear. Click on 'Create Repeat Enquiry'.

  • Fill Out the Required Enquiry details and click on the 'Submit' button.

  • You will find the old enquiry details as well as the new enquiry details.


1. What would be the reasons to create a repeat enquiry?

Ans: Scenario 1 -  In case if the enquiry date was selected incorrectly earlier. e.g. Late enquiry entry created in the system. Let's say it was yesterday’s enquiry who purchased the membership yesterday itself, however, the entry was not made yesterday into the system. The entry was created today i.e the enquiry date is today’s date. Now when you are selecting the purchase date as yesterday, the system will show an error message that ‘the purchase date cannot be earlier than the enquiry date’. 

Once the enquiry is created for the first time you cannot edit the details and hence in such a scenario you will be using the ‘repeat enquiry’ function to change the ‘enquiry date’. So, in this case, you have to select the enquiry date as yesterday and re-save the entry. Once you save the repeat enquiry entry system will allow you to create a purchase entry.

Scenario 2 - In case if the enquiry has come again to enquire about the gym after a very long time. e.g. Let's assume a year back an enquiry Mr XYZ  searched your gym online and inquired at the club through the phone. As this is the first time he inquired, you created his enquiry in the system by selecting the ‘enquiry date’, ‘source of enquiry’ as online-search engine and ‘enquiry type’ as a phone. 

After a year the same enquiry Mr XYZ got an Offer SMS from your club. He walked into the club for further enquiry. In this case, gyms may want to show the enquiry count in this month and the enquiry source to be changed to ‘Offer SMS’ and enquiry Type to ‘Walk-IN’. In such a scenario the repeat enquiry function can be used which will allow you to select the current ‘enquiry date’ and the latest source of enquiry’ & latest ‘enquiry type’ of the enquiry.

2. What can be the reason for the incorrect Enquiry Date selection?

Ans: The enquiry date is auto prefilled i.e by default to today’s date. So in case if any backdated entries are getting created, it is important to select the enquiry date correctly before saving the record or else the enquiry will be saved for today’s date.

3. Who can edit the Enquiry Date?

Ans: Those users who have the Repeat Enquiry tab available i.e. the rights to edit the client’s profile can create Repeat Enquiry

4. What is ‘Source of Enquiry and ‘Type of Enquiry’

Ans: Source of Enquiry means how the client came to know about your gym. i.e. the marketing source. e.g. Fliers, SMS, Banner, Referral.

Enquiry Type means how the client contacted the gym. e.g. phone or walk-in. This way you can filter the reports accordingly