Any clubs using an Essl X990, Essl I clock, Suprema A2/L2/W2 can use RFID/Mifare card for enrolling the members to access the club. Note: ESSL X990, IClock can support any one of these cards either RFID or Mifare. However, the compatibility can be checked through the Essl vendor.

  • For member card enrollment. Login to the Fitnessforce Software & open the member’s profile. You can click on the Access control tab & click on the pencil icon against the card number. Update the card number that you want to assign to your member.

  • Now open the access control application & click on the Manual Sync button. 

  • After clicking on the Manual Sync tab it will start the synchronization process. And the card details will be sent to the connected access control device.

  • Once the sync is completed you can tap the assigned card on the access control device & it will show the member details on the access control device.


1. When I tap the card on the bio-metric machine it does not respond?

Ans. The bio-metric device supports different card types (RFID/Mifare). You can check with your Access control device vendor about the bio-metric device configuration & the supported card type.

2. Where do I buy RFID and Mifare cards?

Ans. You can get these cards from any vendor who sells Suprema or ESSL devices.