This feature enables the club to enroll the member’s anyone finger with the Fitnessforce Access control application. And you can enroll your members through ESSL X990, I Clock, ZK 7500 and Suprema Biomini Plus 2.

  • Once the access control application is installed by the Fitnessforce team you can Start Fitnessforce Access Control Application from your desktop.

  • You will find the application shortcut on your desktop.

  • You can double click on the Fitnessforce application shortcut to start the application.

  • On the successful start of the application, you will get a splash screen with the message “Welcome to Access Woosh”.

  • The application will perform the initial sync automatically.

  • Once the sync is completed you will find multiple options on the menu screen. Note: If you’re not able to see the screen with all the menu options. Then you’ll find the MENU button on the top right corner of the application. Click on the Registration button to enroll the member.

  • Please Copy the Member registration key from Fitnessforce Software.

  • And Paste it in Step 1 column of the access control application. After that click on Enter

  • Once you click on the enter button you will be asked to confirm the identity of the member. Click on Yes, if the name and photo matches with the client information. If the information is not matching, then click on No, and check if you’ve copied the correct Registration Key.

  • Once you click on Yes you will be asked to place the member finger on the sensor. However, in the case of the ESSL X990 or I Clock you’ll get a pop up on the machine screen, which will ask you to place the member finger on the sensor. But if you’ve Suprema Biomini Plus 2 device, then as soon as you see step 3 on the AC application it will be highlighted with  a red light on the sensor. Post which you can ask your member to place the finger on the sensor. 

  • The client has to place anyone's finger three times on the sensor. Ask the member to Place the finger for the First time and remove, then place it for the second time and remove, Place it for the Third time and Hold Till you get a message with Registration Successful on the access control application. Click on the Next button. 

  • Now click on the manual sync button in Menu.

  • The application will start synchronizing and it will update the newly registered member finger data.

  • Once the sync is completed you can ask your member to place the finger on the biometric device to validate if the enrollment is done successfully. If the member having valid membership access will be granted else it will be denied.

  • After the registration is done successfully, you’ll get a Pop Up on your access control application under the Member Attendance section, in which it will show Access Granted or pop up would show Access Denied in case of no valid membership.

Note: The finger enrollment accuracy should be always greater than 70% so that the access control device can identify the member accurately & within seconds.


1. Where will I get the member registration key?

Ans: You can find the member registration key in Fitnessforce software by opening the client summary page>Access Control tab.

2. Can I register multiple fingers for one customer?

Ans: No, currently only one finger per member can be registered.

3. Can I delete the registered finger and re-register the new one?

Ans: Yes, you can delete the registered finger. However, this can be done only if you have provided the Clear Template rights on your login access. Refer to Clear member finger Template to learn more.