Any clubs using PVM or ZK7500(Appointment plus) devices will be installed with an Access control application. Access control application helps you to synchronize all the new data with the Fitnessforce Software. This application enables you to register Staff and Members. Also, these devices will allow you to book appointments for your clients and capture staff attendance.

  • Once the access control application is installed by the Fitnessforce team you can Start Fitnessforce Access Control Application from your desktop.

  • You will find the application shortcut on your desktop.

  • You can double click the left button of your mouse on the Fitnessforce application shortcut to start the application.


  • On the successful start of the application, you will get a splash screen with the message “Welcome to Access Woosh”.

  • The application will perform the initial sync automatically.

  • Once the sync is completed you will find multiple options on the Menu screen.

Note: If you’re not able to see the screen with all the menu options. Then you’ll find the MENU button on the top right corner of the application.

  • You can find all the Appointments in the Appointments section.

  • You can find the Member Check-in in the Member Attendance section.

  • You can find Staff Attendance in the Staff Attendance section.


1. What is the use of the check-in button?

Ans. The Check-in button is used to mark the member's attendance by placing the finger on the sensor connected to the computer at the reception. However, member attendance can also be captured through the ESSL X990, IClock.

2. When should we click on the Manual Sync button?

Ans.  Whenever you want to sync the access control device with fresh information of clients/staff you can click on the Manual sync button.

3. What does the Remote Desktop button do?

Ans. In order to troubleshoot any issues related to your Access control application. We require remote access to your computer screen. So by clicking on the Remote Desktop button, it will redirect you to download the Ammyy Admin remote desktop application.

4. Should I click on the Error logs button?

Ans. Error logs button is used for troubleshooting any issue faced by you in the access control application. It will be referred by the Fitnessforce Team to further troubleshoot the issues.