Any clubs using an Access control device may face general errors/issues in the Fitnessforce access control application & devices.


1. Why am I getting the error “Application already running” while trying to launch Fitnessforce Access control application?

Ans. This is due to the Fitnessforce application hidden at your computer tray on the right bottom of your computer screen. You can click on Show Hidden icons & then double click on the Fitnessforce icon to maximize the application.

2. Why is the application hidden on the tray every time I click on the close Cross sign of the Access control application?

Ans. To ensure that the device connected with the Fitnessforce software is up to date with the fresh client & staff data the application synchronizes every two hours. So we have programmed the application in such a way that if any desktop user closes the application it will always be hidden in the tray & will continue to run minimized. If you want to close the application you can find it in the tray icon then right-click on the application & then click on Exit.