Once the user log in to the App, the app lands on the home page. This could be found from the Sidebar on the top left corner from any page of the application. One can find current offers of the logged-in center and can buy from there. My Schedules - one can see the self-activity list of class, PT, and any other session-based activity schedule for the day. My Transactions -  and can view the upcoming classes in that center to choose for booking.

  • Click on the Sidebar on the left corner.

  • Click on the Home option.

  • Click on the Offer option to view the running offer’s list of the logged-in center.

  • View your scheduled ClassesPT Session or any other session-based scheduled activities.

  • View the scheduled upcoming class of the logged-in center.


1. Can I schedule or cancel any session from the Dashboard?

Ans: Yes, you can cancel or schedule your session as per your requirement. However, there will be more steps to follow to perform these activities.