On the left menu, users can click on “My Cart” to view the products added in the Cart. While purchasing members can put all of their want-to-buy products in, review them to make adjustments, start date and remove any unwanted items from it before or during checkout, if they change their mind. You will be also able to apply for an employee referral code, gift voucher code & coupon on the cart page.

  • Click on the Sidebar.

  • Click on the My Cart tab.

  • Click on Start Date in red font to set the activation date.

  • Choose the DateMonth, and Year to set as activation date.

  • Enter the Employee Referral Code, if any, and click on Apply.

  • Enter the Gift Voucher Code, if any, and click on Apply.

  • Enter the Coupon Code, if any, and click on Apply.


1. How do I cancel my invoice after purchasing the membership?

Ans: Invoice cannot be canceled once it’s created. For further information, you can contact your respective club.

2. Can I change the Activation date after creating the invoice?

Ans: Yes, you can change the activation date. However, you need to contact your respective club to make the necessary changes.