Class feature helps you schedule classes or group activity involving multiple members and managing waitlist and other class scheduling features. Along with this you also have a new Room with view which shows you availability of different rooms or studios.

How Can You Book a Class?

Step-1: Login into your FitnessForce Software

 Step-2: Click on – Calendar 

? Go to the date from when you wish to start the Class

    ?On the decided date go to the time slot when you wish to schedule the class

Step-3: Once you have selected the time, a pop-up would open, In the pop-up, click – Class

?From the dropdown select the name of the class

? Select the start of class (batch) in – Session Date

?Select the start and end time of the class

?Select the Room

?  Select the trainer, who would be conducting the class

?Click on – Add Clients ‘Located on the righthand side bottom corner of pop-up box’

?In-case the class is repeated, click on – Repeat. 

? Select the repeat criteria from daily, weekly and monthly basis, then number of days class needs to be repeated followed by Start and End date for repeat class.

Below is the example image for daily repeat class with interval of 3 days

?Search clients and add them in the class

Step-4: Click on - Create

How to Update the Status of Class:

Step-1: Move the cursor on Calendar Tab

Step-2: Click on “Calendar”.

Step-3: Click on the Class for which the Attendees Status needs to be updated

Step-4: Click on “Edit“button.

Step-5: Click on “Update Status”.

Step-6: Scroll down and click on the edit icon which reflects to your right hand side of the Client name that needs to be updated

Step-7: Click on the drop down and select the desired status and click on the green tick mark.

Once the class is completed/cancelled, it can be marked as per the status as shown in the image below:

Once marked as completed, updated class summary can be seen as in the below image:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I have multiple rooms allotted for a class?

Ans. No

What is max capacity?

Ans. Max capacity means is a particular scheduled class how many clients can attend the class

What is max waitlist?

Ans. Max waitlist is the number of clients whose booking is on hold incase clients from the booked list, cancel their bookings

Can I edit the max capacity and max waitlist while creating the class?

Ans. Yes, you can edit the max capacity and max waitlist

Who has the rights to update the status of the Class?

Ans. Everyone who has been provided with the rights to make the changes.

Can we change the backdated Class too?

Ans. Yes, whoever has the backdated rights.