The digital wallet transaction report enables you to check all the transactions that are taken place with the digital wallet at the gym

How to Check the Digital Wallet Transaction Report

  • Click on reports
  • Open the Digital Wallet Transaction report
  • Refine your search based on which center, state, city and under which account manager you want to check the report for. Incase you select 'All' and if you have the rights then you will be able to see the report for all centers
  • Refine your search by filling the various filters appearing on the follow up report page such as:
    • Client Representative
    • Client Type - Member, Enquiry
    • Membership Active
    • Search the balance for a particular client by searching the client by their name, contact numbers etc.
  • After selecting the various filters you can narrow down your search to obtain the desired results
  • Select the transaction date from & To and transaction type i.e. is it a debit or credit transaction
  • Lastly click on ‘Search’
  • Get the details of all the transactions that have taken place for the criteria selected
  • Click on ‘Export to Excel’ to export your data in a excel format