This Report provides you the summary of all Emails sent for the selected time period. This report will not give you the status of a particular email sent. For the same refer to the email transactional report. You can also retry or cancel sending an email directly from this report

How to Check the Email Summary Report

  • Refine your search based on which center, state, city and under which account manager you want to check the report for. Incase you select 'All' and if you have the rights then you will be able to see the report for all centers
  • Select the date range (From Date- To Date) or select the time period i.e. today, yesterday, last week, this week, last month, this month. 

You can further refine your search using the various filters:

  • Template Name – Name of the Email template Sent
  • Sent By – Through whose User ID has the email been sent
  • Email Type – Whether the email was automated / live / manual

Once you have filtered the report, you fill get the below mentioned information:

  • Centre Name
  • Date
  • Email Type
  • Template Name
  • Sent By
  • Total Emails Sent
  • Progress – This column depicts the break-up of total emails sent, i.e., whether delivered, failed or in queue
  • Action – Allows to stop sending the Email or allows you to resend the emails to whom they were not sent