How to Open Backdated Entries

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  • What does a backdated entry mean
  • Use of backdated entries and its significance
  • Steps to open a backdated entry

About The Feature

  • ‘Backdated Entries’ allows you to create entries in the software of prior transactions and membership bills received
  • It’s an extremely crucial feature as it allows you to upload your past transactions for ease of tracking your old members, renewals, analysis etc.
  • It gives you the permission of creating bills belonging to the past period of time
  • The rights to access and create backdated entries may be allocated to only a select few personnel at the gym

Use of Backdated Entries & its Significance:

  • Backdated entries need to be made when you install the Fitness Force software for the first time
  • You previous data of all your enquires, members, bills etc need to be added to the software for easy tracking
  • However you can also use the backdated entry option if in case you have missed out on adding your bills in the software on a daily basis or in case of any errors to be corrected

Steps to Open a Backdated Entry:

  • Steps to open a backdated entry:
    • Go to Settings and click on Global settings
    • Select the Field ‘backdateentry’ from the dropdown box

    • A table for back date entry opens, click on ‘Edit’ on the extreme left side of the table

    • On the page that appears let the ‘Field’ and ‘Text’ box remain as backdateentry

    • The ‘Value’ denotes the number of days from the current date that you would like to go back to and create entries. For e.g. in case you have just started using the software and you wish to upload the entire data for past one year ,you can keep the value as 365 i.e. the system will allow you to record all backdated transactions for the past 365 days.

    • The ‘Valid Till Date’ allows you to set a date till which you can create backdated entries, post which the system won’t allow you to create any further backdated entries
    • In ‘PRM Status’ select Active from the dropdown option
    • Click on ‘Update’ on the extreme left side of the table to save the setting or click on ‘Cancel’ to make changes to the same

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum number of days that I can create a backdated entry for?

  • Ans. There is no limit on the number of days to create a backdated entry; it solely depends on your Gyms requirement.
  1. Can I give the rights to all my staff users to create backdated entries?

  • Ans. We advise that you give the rights to only a few authorized staff members as this feature can be misused
  1. Why is there a need to have a ‘Valid Till Date’ to create backdated entries?

  • Ans. The ‘software will not allow your staff to create backdated entries after the ‘Valid till Date’, this allows your staff to be proactive in maintaining records on a daily basis with no backlog. It also allows you avoid gaps and tally your biils and receipts, enquiries, membership records etc. regularly with the software, as all the transactions are recorded on a daily basis.