How to check follow ups done

How to check follow ups done

How Will This Document Help you / What will you find here

  • How to see the follow ups done through the follow up report
  • How to filter the search to check specific follow ups done
  • The  detailed information of the follow ups done

About The Feature

  • The follow up report allows you to view all the follow ups done by all your client representatives.
  • It is a good way to analyze and track the data of feedback received from the clients and also analyze the performance of the various client representatives, by checking the conversion rate of enquiries to members or the balance payment follow up cleared by collecting payment from the members.

How to Check the Follow ups done

  • Click on reports
  • Open the follow up report
  • In the follow up report on the right hand corner next to ‘What would you like to do?’ select  ‘Check follow Ups done’ from the drop down
  • Refine your search by filling in the various filters appearing on the follow up report page such as:
    • Account Manager

    • State
    • City
    • Center Name(for center wise selection of the follow ups done )
    •  The date(From Date- To Date) range to view the follow ups done in a particular time period

    • Follow Up Type (Enquiry, Balance, Birthday follow ups)

    • Follow Up Status (View open or closed follow ups)
    • Client Representative (Follow ups under a particular client representative)
  • There is an icon on the extreme right hand corner as ‘More’
  • By clicking on more you have a list of various other fields to refine your search such as:
    • Comment by (follow up comments entered by)

    • Call Response
    • Call Convertibility (Hot, Cold, Warm, Expected etc.)
    • Enquiry Date Range
    • Advertising Source
    • Language

    • Enquiry Type

    • Workout Time
    • Client Type (Enquiry/Member/Trial)
    • Service Interested In
    • Assigned to etc. (to which  client representative the follow up is assigned to)
  • By selecting the various filters you can narrow down your search to obtain the desired results
  • Lastly click on ‘Search’

The Detailed Information of the Follow ups done:

  • The entire detailed list of follow ups will appear based on the filters selected
  • It will also give the numerical that will show the following:
    • Total Clients

    • Total Records

    • System Generated

    • User Created
  • The detailed report will show the following:
    • Client Name
    • Client Type(Enquiry/Member/Trial)
    • Client Representative (Follow ups under a particular client representative)
    • Follow up type(Enquiry, Balance, Birthday follow ups)
    • Assign to
    • Call response (follow up again, successful follow up etc.)
    • Convertibility (Hot, Cold, Warm, Expected etc.)
    • Comments date and time
    • Follow up date and time
    • Comments added by (Name of the client representative  who adds the  comments)
  • On clicking the follow up type, the follow up box opens with the history of the follow ups done, along with the comments. You can also fill in the new follow up responses along with the details in the same.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Where can I find the details of all the follow ups done?

Ans. ‘Follow up report

  1. Can I fill in the new follow up responses directly from the follow up report?

Ans. Yes you can fill in the new responses by clicking the follow up type in the report, a box opens that allows you to fill the details.