Gift Voucher Generation

Gift Voucher Generation

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  • How to create a gift voucher
  • The number and amount of the gift vouchers that can be created
  • How the Gift voucher ID is created

About The Feature

‘Gift Voucher’ feature allows you to sell Gift Vouchers that can be redeemed for the services and products at your gym. You can customize the amount and number of gift vouchers to be sold.

How To Create Gift vouchers

  • Click on settings and the open the GV generation option from the dropdown
  • The GV generation page opens with three boxes as follows:
    • Amount : Allows you to fill in the amount that you wish to assign to each gift voucher
    • Number of Vouchers:  Allows you to enter the number of gift vouchers to be sold
    • Issued To:  Allows you to enter the name of the person to whom the gift vouchers are assigned
  • After entering the details click on generate

Gift Voucher Details

  • A new page opens and the details of the gift vouchers are reflected which include the following:
    • GV ID – A unique code for each gift voucher

    • Amount

    • Created By

    • Created Date

    • Redeemed

    • Status

    • Issued To
  • On clicking the ‘select’ button next to the details you can view the detailed Gift Voucher
  • Each gift voucher will have a unique separate Gift Voucher- GV ID.
    • For example if you generate 10 gift vouchers of the amount Rs.1000 each. The software will show you 10 separate unique GV IDs.
  • These GV IDs can be utilized to make payment against any purchase
  • However it is important to note that until the gift voucher is sold it will show a status as inactive

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I create multiple gift vouchers?

Ans. Yes. You can generate as many gift vouchers as you choose.

  1. Can I issue gift vouchers to members as well as non-members?

Ans. Yes you can sell gift vouchers to both members as well as non-members

  1. When will the gift voucher status show as active?

Ans. The GV status will show as active as soon as it is sold