Selling A Gift Voucher

About The Feature

‘Gift Voucher’ feature allows you to sell Gift Vouchers that can be redeemed for the services and products at your gym. You can customize the amount and number of gift vouchers to be sold.

How to Sell the Gift Voucher

Once the Gift Voucher is generated it can be activated once it has been sold though the POS Billing.

Selling Through Gift Voucher

  • Click on the POS bill icon on the search client page and follow the steps:
    • Fill in the personal information
    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Mobile Number

    • Language

    • Client Representative

  • Step 1: Fill in the Purchase Information
    • Center Billing Name
    • Center Name

    • Bill Owner

    • Billing Name
    • Purchase Date

  • Step 3: Additional Payments
    • Select the plus ‘+’ sign next to Gift Voucher and mention the number of GVs you intend to sell in the box next to the column ‘No. of Times’
      • A window opens that allows you to search the gift vouchers which were created by you which you intend to sell. You can search the GV by entering the following information:
        • GV ID

        • Issued To

        • Amount
        • No. of GVs

    • Tick on the boxes to select the GVs and click on add
    • The page will display the Gift Vouchers and the total amount payable for them

  • Step 4: Create Receipt
    • Make the payment by choosing on the payment mode i.e. Cash/ Cheque/ Debit Card/Credit Card and clicking on the ‘+’ sign

    • Enter the amount paid and click on save

    • A receipt will be generated for the same or click on Bills and Receipts on the client page to view the receipt generated for the same
  • Once the Gift Voucher is sold it shows the status of the GV ID as ‘Active’

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What payments can be made by the gift voucher?

Ans. You can pay for Membership bills as well as POS purchases

  1. Can I use multiple gift vouchers for a single payment?

Ans. Yes you can use multiple Gift Vouchers for a single purchase

  1. Can I use gift voucher for partial payment along with other modes of payment including cash and check?

Ans. Yes

  1. When will the gift voucher status show as active?

Ans. The GV status will show as active as soon as it is sold and a receipt is generated