Appointment Creation

About The Feature

Appointment Creation allows you to book appointments on the Fitness Force calendar .This will help you to keep a track on how many appointments were attended and cancelled and by whom.

How to book appointments in the central calendar

  1. Click on “CALENDER” and select Calendar
  2. Each slot is for 30 mins
  3. If you want to book a slot for more than 30 minutes i.e.1 hour or 2 hours , select multiple slots by clicking and dragging the slots
  4. Select the “SLOT” by dragging the mouse and fill in the details.(Purpose for appointment i.e. PT, Nutrition Counseling etc., Date, Time, Appointment with i.e. Name of the Trainer)
  5. Search for the client by searching his number or name and selecting the same
  6. Click on “CREATE

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the appointment be edited after creation?

  • Ans. Only date and time can be edited after the appointment is created.

2. Can recurring appointments be created?

  • Ans. No. Recurring Appointments cannot be created.