How to Design/Configure a New Campaign

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  • How to Configure a Campaign
  • How to Edit the rates in the already configured campaign
  • Frequently Asked Questions

About The Feature

  • “ Campaign “ in Fitness Force software is basically a feature in which Offer / Promotional are configured with a discounted rate within a specific timeline which has a start and end date.
  • For example: The Annual membership is sold for Rs. 15000/- base cost and the Promotional offer example “ Diwali Offer “ will be sold at Rs. 10000/- and sold and valid between 20th Nov 2015 till 25th Nov 2015.

How to Configure a Campaign

  • Move the cursor on Campagins Tab
  • Click on Campaign Creation
  • Type the offer name example “ Diwali Offer ” in Campagin Name and Description
  • Select the “ Start Date “ of the offer, let’s say in the above mentioned example 20th Nov 2015
  • Select the “ End Date “ of the offer, let’s say in the above mentioned example 25th Nov 2015
  • Right below the “ End Date “ field, there is a field which says “ Show On “, select from the drop down “ Application “. There will be 3 selections, only select “ Application ”.
  • Scroll down and Click on the check box against the Products that needs to be added in the Campagin. Let’s say in the above mentioned example Annual Membership i.e. 12 Months Membership.
  • Don't forget to edit and update the price once the products are added as you  would want to give a discount to make the campaign attractive
  •  Once all of the above is done, Click on the “ Submit “ button to complete the configuration.
  • In case you don't want this campaign to appear on the billing page in future you can simply make it inactive

How to edit the rates of an existing campaign

  • Move the cursor on Campaign Tab
  • Click on Campaign Filter
  • Click on “ Edit “ besides the Campaign for which the rate needs to be edited.
  • The “ Net Cost “ is the current price of the campaign which needs to be edited.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who has the rights to change the Change the rates of the campaign?

  • Ans. The Admin or the person who has been provided the right to change rates of the campaign.