How to create on-spot Membership Bill


How to create on-spot Membership Bill

  • First basic rule,  Search by the contact number as that’s unique.
  • If the client's detail has not been updated in the software,  you receive the error note as No matching records found.
  • Click on the ICON “ Membership Bill “ for on-spot members
  • A new tab will open up to fill in the Client’s personal details like name, DOB, DOE, address, etc.
  • Once the complete detail has been updated, need to click on “ Save “.
  • After the detail has been saved, the software will take you to the billing page to select the purchase date.  
  • Follow the steps below :

    • “ Step 1 “ –   Select the Purchase Date which will be the first time the client has purchased the membership.
    • As you select the date, automatically the page will move to “ Step 2 “ to select the Membership that the client has bought. Click on the “ PLUS “ sign in green color which is reflected in the left hand side. For example – Gym Membership, or Personal Training.
    • The activation date will be by default the current date, hence need to change that to the date when the client will start the workout.
    • In case the client has been provided with a discount, you can either put the percentage or the discounted amount. Once you update the discounted amount, need to mention the reason why was the discount provided.
    • The session owner will be the Floor Manager in case of Membership and Trainer in the case of Personal Training.
    • “ Step 3 “ – is basically additional charges like Gym Bag, Registration Fees, etc. If the client hasn’t been charged with the Registration fees, then skip “ Step 3 “ and move to “ Step 4 “.
    • “ Step 4 “ – This is the last step wherein you have to select the Mode of Payment. There are multiple options for Mode of payment in the drop down.
    • Last is to save the page.

How to create a Receipt for a balance amount

  • Search for the client whose balance needs to be cleared.
  • Click on the client's name and open the client profile. Once you are on the client profile, click on Bills & Receipts.
  • The Client profile will reflect a balance amount on the profile. Scroll down and click on the Hyperlink Make Payment.
  • Once you click on the link, you will receive the details to be entered. Like the amount, receipt date and mode of payment.
  • After updating the payment details, click on “ Submit “ button and wait for a few seconds so that the page gets updated.
  • After the page gets updated, the payment details will reflect right below

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it mandatory to fill the missing fields in an existing clients profile page?

  • Ans. Yes. Or else one will not be able to move to the billing page.

  1. What if the client makes payment in parts, say at 3 different intervals?

  • Ans. The initial amount needs to be updated while the creation of the bill, that would be the first amount received. Then you can follow the video which shows how to clear balance, but enter only the amount received the second time. And the third payment can be cleared the same way shown in the video.
  • Example – Client purchased 3 Month Membership for the amount of Rs. 6000/-. Client paid initially Rs. 2000/- on the purchase date and later paid Rs. 4000/- in parts i.e. Rs. 3000/- second time and then Rs. 1000/-.

  1. How can we create a bill if the client made payment by 2 different modes?

  • Ans. While selecting the mode of payment, one can select 2 or more modes of payments.

  1. Is it mandatory to mention the reason for the discount?

  • Ans. Yes. Or else the software will not be able to save the data and you will receive an error mentioning to enter the reason.