How to print the bills & receipts

About The Feature

  • You can take the bill print following the below instructions.
  • Steps to print the bills & receipts

1) Please go to the bills & receipt on the client profile page and click on that.

2) Then click on View button of that particular bill.

3) Then go to the print option in Receipt Details and click on that to get the print.

Benefits of print the bills & receipts

  • You can give the hard copy of the bill transaction to the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I want to give bill print to my client, however I am unable to see print option anywhere, can you please help me in this regard?

  • Answer: You are unable to see the print option in bills & receipt because you don’t have access to print the bill, please check your Access Template and select Yes in drop down against this question 'Can this user print receipt? '