How can we create a backdated bill

How can we create a backdated bill

About The Feature

  • A backdated bill can be created in case a membership has been purchased earlier and the bill has not been recorded in the system. A provision to create backdated bills allows you to not miss out on not entering any crucial data in the system.

How to create a backdated bill

  • Go to settings=>Global Settings
  • In select field click on ‘backdatedentry’
  • Click on Edit and change the value as the number of days you want to create a backdated bill
  • Click on update
  • While creating a membership bill in STEP 1 add the relevant back date in the purchase date (this can only be done if the backdate option is configured in the system and if you have the rights to create a backdated entry)
  • In STEP 2 add relevant activation date
  • Create a bill
  • The bill will also carry the same back date

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What does backdated mean?

  • Ans. Backdated bill means creating a bill on any date prior to today.

  1. What is the time period you can go back to and create a backdated bill?

  • Ans. There is no limited time period, you can go back to any time period and make the changes.