How do I edit a client's details



About The Feature

  • By editing the client's details you can change or add any client information in the client profile form. 
  • Relevant information can be revised or updated and essential information can be added to help you serve your client better.

How do I edit a client's details

  • On the client profile page click on ‘Edit Details’ on the left hand corner
  • Add or Edit details on the enquiry form
  • However some fields like member name , enquiry date, email id, contact number, enquiry source & type cannot be edited without the admin rights
  • Click on the ‘+’ sign across Optional fields and fill in any additional fields 
  • You can also add the photograph of the member  through the web cam by clicking on ‘Capture’ or upload a scanned copy of the same
  • You can also add/edit birth date, anniversary date, medical alert for the client, blood group etc.
  • Emergence contact person name and number details can be filled and helpful in case a member gets injured while working out at the gym
  • The various fields allows you to gain more information about your clients and serve them better


Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Who can edit a client's details?

  • Ans. Anyone who has the rights can do so. However certain details like enquiry date and client representative cannot be edited. The same can be done by clicking on by 'Repeat Enquiry' and 'Change Client Rep' on the client profile page