Creating a New Trial Entry

Click on Client Search and enter the client number to search for the client

If client not found click on the 'Free Trial' icon on the quick link below or if client found click on the 'Free Trial' icon across his name 

A trial form page will open : 
Fill in the necessary details


  • Fill in the Trial Details:
  • Trial Start Date
  • Trial Period : How long is the trial valid
  • Trial Days Allowed : Number of times that the person can take a trial within the trial period
  • Maximum Trial Amount : The maximum value of products that he can use in the trial
  • Select the trial product by clicking the green '+'sign button

  • Select the session owner i.e. the trainer and click on 'Save'
  • It is advisable to select the best trainer as every trial can become a potential member and hence you would want to provide them with the best service