Cheque Returned to a Client

Way 1 : Through Bills & Receipts

Way 2 : Through Collection Report 

About The Feature

The FitnessForce Software allows you to check how many cheques have been returned to various clients in the selected date range.

  • Click on reports
  • Open the collection report
  • In the collection report select date range to view the list of cheques returned to a client in selected date range
  • Select Payment mode as Cheque
  • Right hand side under payment status section click on Return to customer
  • Click on Filter and you will get the list of the clients to whom the cheques are returned

From where can I do the check returned to customer entry in the FitnessForce software

  • From the client profile page under bills and receipt section click on view bill and scroll down
  • On right hand side click on payment status
  • Page will open and click on payment status. Three options will be there as Cleared, Bounced and Return to Customer.
  • Select return to customer option
  • Select date on which you will returning the cheque to client, add comment with reason why you are returning the cheque to client.
  • Once you fill up all the detail scroll down, there will a follow up which you need to create.
  • Select follow up type as balance as you will be returning cheque to client hence the balance will be created,
  • follow up type status will be open as you need to follow up with this client for the balance payment,
  • Convertibility will be as per the client payment information as in when client will make the payment,
  • call response will be follow up again,
  • add next follow up date on which you need to again call the client to give the payment reminder
  • add the comment in detail with regards to payment information given by client
  • Click on Submit