Creation of Bill : Queries


1. Is it mandatory to fill the missing fields in an existing clients profile page?

Ans. Yes. Or else one will not be able to move to the billing page.


2. How can we create a bill if the client made payment by 2 different modes?

Ans. While selecting the mode of payment, one can select 2 or more modes of payments.


3. Is it mandatory to mention the reason for the discount?

Ans. Yes. Or else the software will not be able to save the data and you will receive an error mentioning to enter the reason.


4. What needs to be done for the bill that was created with incorrect amount or mode of payment or activation date or purchase date?

Ans. The bill needs to be canceled as once the bill is created we cannot edit the bill. Note : the bill cancellation is right based. Only the admin has the rights.


5. While clearing the balance amount, the payment details doesn’t reflect after updating. What would be the reason?

Ans. After updating the payment details, one needs to wait for few seconds so that the details gets updated below the comment box. If the payment details doesn’t appear then you will need to check the error message. The reason could be numerous and one of them would be due to backdated setting not being configured in case of old receipts. 


6. Is it compulsory to mention the payment details such as in Credit Card Instrument number, expiry date etc.?

Ans. This can be made non-compulsory if the admin requests to or else if it is mandatory by the owner / admin then that needs to be filled.


7. There are times the client doesn’t provide with the CC / DC expiry date, what can be done in that case?

Ans. One can select any future date and year.


8. What are the fields mentioned in CC / DC?

Ans. i. Instrument number - is the Last Four digits of the 16 digit card number. ii. Bank Name – from which bank the card it from. iii. Instrument Expiry – CC / DC expiry date of the card. iv. Card Type – VISA / MasterCard / AMEX. v. Auth Code – 6 digits APPR (approval) code on the slip i.e. Merchant copy / Customer copy. Note: Machine Type – is non-mandatory.