Suspension due to non-payment of balance

  • A membership can also be suspended due to non- payment of balance
  • By default settings the system automatically suspends a membership after 7 days in case of any pending balance
  • However you can alter the time period & amount due and customize it according to your gyms requirement
  • For e.g. you may choose to give your members 21 days or even 365 days to pay the balance amount. Incase the member defaults paying in the said period then he will be automatically be suspended
  • Similarly you can also define the amount, non-payment of which beyond the said period leads to suspension
  • For e.g. You may choose to allow a balance of Rs. 500.So if a client has only Rs.500 pending his membership will not be suspended
  • Hence you can decide according to your companies policy the time frame and amount allocated before suspending a client
  • These settings can be configured in your software