OTP - One Time Password

One of the biggest issue faced while maintaining customer contact data (email & phone number) is accuracy & authenticity. So how do we solve this problem? We give you the ability to verify your customer's contact information with a one time password sent to their mobile phone or email accounts (or both if you wish) helping you authenticate that they are available at this contact. I need not emphasize on the fact that it raises customer contact-ability by several folds due to the fact that the number is verified by the customer. Having said that, we do not want to loose out on customers with an added later of process. Well, FitnessForce takes care of that very simply by giving you full control on how you want to handle this. E.g. you may want to keep OTP verificationĀ Optional at all stages, or maybe you want to keep itĀ compulsory when he/she becomes a member. Either ways, your in control of your customer's experience.