Palm Vein Machine Usage - Multi Center or Reciprocity


Multi Center or Reciprocity :

  • If a member from location ‘A’ wants to use the gym facility at location ‘B’ then it can be tracked through reciprocity or multi center in PVM
  • Reciprocity feature will only work for checkin based products. For eg. CHCF. It will not work for appointment based products such as Personal Training, Nutrition etc.

Menu Page:

    • The reciprocity feature can be used by only those locations who are using FF software & Palm Vein Machine(PVM).
    • Following is the process If a member from location ‘A’ wants to use the gym facility at location ‘B’. The following process needs to be followed at location ‘B’
    • Click on Multi Center/Reciprocity on PVM
    • Select the Country, City & Center of location‘A’

    • Search the client by contact number or client ID

    • If a member is already registered at location ‘A’ then there is no need to register the member at location ‘B’. But if he/she is not registered at location ‘A’, you need to do the registration process. Once the registration is done, member needs to do checkin on daily basis. If location ‘A’ wants to check the member attendance in location ‘B’, they can check the same from member profile page (last visit history) or from access control report.