Accept and reject appointment

Accept and reject appointment

On clicking on an appointment requested by the member (shown as dotted) from my schedule page a full page view with the member details will be displayed along with an option to Accept or Reject the appointment. This page will have the following information.

  • Member image, name, member ID
  • Bookin for (appointment name)
  • Start - Date and start time of appointment (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • End - Date and end time of appointment (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Name of center where the appointment is booked for
  • Status of appointment (pending confirmation, confirmed, attended)

The session owner can either accept or reject a request by clicking on the ‘accept’ and ‘reject’ buttons.


  • The member will receive a notification on the member app (only if the member is not logged out) when the session owner accepts or rejects an appointment.
  • The appointment status will be changed from ‘pending confirmation’ to ‘confirmed’ as soon as the session owner accepts the request.  
  • The appointment slot accepted by the session owner will not be available for the other members to book.
  • The appointment status will changed from ‘pending confirmation to ‘cancelled ‘ as soon as the session owner rejects the appointment. 
  • The appointment slot rejected by the session owner will be available for the other members to book.

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