Appointment attendance

Appointment attendance

On clicking a booked appointment from my schedule page, a full page view to mark the member’s attendance will be displayed with the following details.

  • Member image, name, member ID
  • Booking for
  • Date of appointment
  • Time slot of appointment
  • Name of session
  • Status

The staff will have two options to mark the member’s attendance

  • Send notification
  • Send OTP
  • No Show


Note: This page is visible after appointment start time and until day end.

Attendance via notification
  1. If the session owner selects send notification option a push notification will be sent to the member on the member application (if the member has not logged out of the application) 
  1.  If the member missed the notification and if the no action is taken place on the status of appointment, then after day end he/she will be marked as no show.

Attendance via OTP
  • If the session owner selects mark attendance via OTP option, a pop up appears on the screen to enter the OTP.
  • The mobile application will generate OTP and the members will receive OTP via SMS.
  • The session owner will then enter the OTP to mark the member’s attendance.
  • Error message- “the entered OTP is incorrect” this message is displayed if the session owner entered wrong OTP.
  • The session owner will be able to resend the OTP by clicking on the resend OTP button. 
  • As soon as the member is marked attended the number of sessions in the members account is decremented.


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