Automated Follow-up Configuration

Automated Follow-up Configuration

Automated follow up is a function that allows the system to generate the automated follow up calls based on the trigger of an event. 

e.g. Birthday reminders, Membership Expiry Reminders, Balance reminders. Here, Birthday is an event and the trigger is a birthdate. Thus, the system will auto generate the follow up call as open for the staff to call the client to wish a birthday. 

It also allows you to define the trigger duration before or after ‘x’ days of an event.

e.g. Membership Renewal is an event. Trigger is the expiry date and duration is ‘before 20 days’. 

With such configuration in place the system will auto generate ‘Membership Expiry Reminder’ follow up call before 20days from the date of the expiry date. 

Similarly, feedback call after 15 days from the date of activation date or balance reminder after 7 days after the activation date etc. 

Steps to configure the Automated Follow-up Type:

  • Login into the FitnessForce Software.

  • Select the ‘CENTER’ (in case you have multiple centres) that you want to configure the Automated Follow up.

  • Click on the ‘Setting’ tab.

  • Click on ‘Followup Type List

Configuration Image 1

  • Click on ‘Create new followup type

Configuration Image 2



  • From the two radio button options: Manual Follow Up and Automated Follow Up, select Automated Follow Up

  • Use Existing Templates: The drop-down will have the existing pre-defined Automated Follow-up templates. This depends on the types of the service that has previously been pre-defined and configured. 

  • e.g.: Service like Gym Floor, Personal Training, Diet Counseling, etc.

  • Follow Up Identification Name: Mention the name of the follow up as shown in the image above (Eg: Client Feedback – 30 Days)

  • Follow Up Type : The Type of Follow-up which is the same as the Identification Name shown in the image above (Eg: Client Feedback – 30 Days)

  • Assign To: Select either Department or Client Rep based on the requirement of your club process.

e.g.: If the feedback calls are done by the Front Desk Executive which is other than the client representative then select the radio button Department and in case all calls are taken care by Client Rep on whose name the client has been registered then select the radio button Client Rep.

  • Color: Identification for a particular follow up type can be given by setting color which will be reflected in the Follow-up report and other linked reports like Membership Activation/Purchase Report, Membership Expiry Report.


  • Department: Based on the radio button as the department selected mentioned in the Assign To, the list of departments will reflect in the drop-down to be selected. As mentioned in the example, Front Desk can be selected. It can also be Sales Executive in case of renewals as shown in the image below: 

Set the Follow Up Call Open and Close criteria:

For setting Open criteria (i.e. the follow up will Open as per the criteria set)
For setting the Follow Up Close criteria (i.e. the follow up will Close as per the criteria set)

  • Date Type: This means the follow will Close based on which date( e.g: Expiry date, Activation date)

  • Product Type: Map the follow up by selecting the product type i.e. the software will automatically close the follow based on the product type selected. The same that you have selected while setting the open criteria. e.g: Product type is Membership and date type is expiry date so the follow will open accordingly.

  • Follow: The follow up should close on, before or after the date type selected. In case of the example in the image shown, since it's a Feedback call then the follow-up should close after the membership is expired i.e. After - 1 day.

  • Response: This should be selected as Successful Follow Up as this closing criteria to closure of the follow-up.

  • Call Comment: The comments mentioned here will be reflected when the automatic follow up close. In case of the example for Feedback follow-up to be closed, Membership Expired. And in case of renewal follow-up the criteria will be based on the bill creation, hence the comments will be Members renewed.

  • Status: This is the status i.e. Active / Inactive of the automated follow-up configured, which needs to be selected as Active. In case there is an existing Automated followup that needs to be removed, then select the Status as Inactive.

  • Client Status: select if the automatic follow up is for Member, Trial or Enquiry.

  • Click on Save.

The below image shows where the follow ups will show on the Dashboard after proper config is done.


1. If the automated follow up setting is configured today, will the automated follow up calls will open for the old records?

Ans: No, this setting rules will be applied for future records and not old records. The follow-up calls will open from the date of the configuration is completed. 


2. When we select the follow up to ‘Assign to Department’ can the calls be distributed equally to all agents (employees) of that department?

Ans: At the time of Follow-up configuration select radio button in the Assign To as Department. By selecting the radio button as Department you will get the option to select the desired department like Sales, Front Desk, etc. under the Departement drop-down. Once the department from the drop-down is selected, the staff will get the follow-ups on a round-robin basis within the department on their dashboard.

e.g.: There are 4 customer service agents from the Customer Service department, then the automated follow-up of let say Feedback will be be auto-assigned as per the round robin method, starting with 1st agent till 4th and then again starting from the 1st agent in a sequence to ensure equal distribution of calls 

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