Calendar report

Calendar report

This document enables you an extracted summary of all bills & receipts for the selected time period. You can choose multiple filters to get various combinations of details.

  • Hover on Reports Tab and Click on ‘Calendar Report.


How to Filter Report to view Calendar Details

  • Select Appointment Date or Created Date to filter by date accordingly.

  • Select Date from the Date from – date picker from which the details are to be viewed.

  • Select date from the Date to – date picker till which the details are to be viewed.

  • Select Appointment Status and mark them accordingly.

  • Select Appointment Purpose and mark them accordingly.

  • Select Used Sessions (Yes/No) from its drop-down.

  • Select Room from its drop-down.

  • Select Appointment With, from its drop-down.

  • Select Session Owner, from its drop-down

  • Select Bill Balance (Yes/No), from its drop-down.

  • Select Appointment Source, from its drop-down.

  • Select Attendance Type, from its drop-down

  • Select External Bill Number, from its drop-down.

  • Select the search attribute from the drop-down and enter the search value

  • Click on Search to search for the details or click on Export to excel the export the report details in excel.


Calendar Report – Details (Following details of the Calendar will be mentioned in the report)

  • Total Number of appointments for all/selected purposes will be displayed.

  • Purpose Name

  • Client Name

  • Appointment Date

  • Appointment Time

  • Appointment with (Trainer)

  • Appointment Status

  • Update Status (Click on it and update the appointment status)

  • Appointment Used Status (Yes/No)

  • Number of Available Sessions.

  • Appointment Room

  • Created By

  • Creation Date

  • Updated By (If Updated)

  • Updated on Date (If Updated)

  • Comments (If Any)

  • Session Owner

  • Session Cost

  • Bill Balance

  • Commission Processed (Yes/No)

  • Appointment Source

  • Attendance Type

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