Class summary report

Class summary report

This document enables you to extract a consolidated summary of all the classes including class capacity, booked count, attendance, no show count, canceled, revenue from attended class.


  • To access this report. Take your mouse cursor on the reports option and click on the Class Summary. You’ll now be directed to a new page as shown below.

  • You can select View By Class or View By Purpose from the drop-down next to the question asked What would you like to do?. To search the data.

  • If you’ve selected View By Class, then you see the search results as per each class schedule in the selected date range. In case if you’ve selected View By purpose then you’ll get results by aggregated numbers for each purpose. 

  • You can also search the report for multiple centers by using the Center Name filter.

  • You can further narrow down your search results by using the below filters.

  • From Date and To Date: You can select the start and end dates as per your requirement to search the data.

  • Purpose: You can also use this filter to get the search results Purpose wise like Zumba Class, Yoga Class, etc.

  • Class Status: In this filter, you can search the data as per the status. Whether the class has been CompletedScheduled, or Cancelled. Note: All this status will be shown once the class status has been updated by you.

  • Class With: This filter can be used if you want to search the data as per the trainer’s names who conducted the class.

  • Class Room: If you have different rooms for different classes. Then you can search the data as per the classroom name.

  • Class Created By: This option can be used if you want to know the class creator’s name in the software. 

  • Click on the Search button to get the results.

  • After searching the data you would see the results in the above-mentioned format.

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