Client referral

Client referral

Client referral enables the gym staff to understand which client has joined the gym through the existing members' reference. If the existing member refers then it helps the gym business to grow more.

You can add the Referred By while creating the Prospect, Trail, or Member form.

  • Go to Member Form and add all the mandatory details.

  • Click on ‘Optional Fields’ Plus Icon

  • You will be able to view the ‘Referred By’ field.

  • Add the member id or the member name. You will see a dropdown. Click on the member name who has referred the new client.

  • Click on ‘Save’.

Note: The referred by member name should be existing in the software.

In the Summary page of the New Member, you will be able to view the Referred By on the left side.

In the Summary page of the ‘Referred By’ member, you will be able to view the referrals.


1. Can you have multiple referrals?

Ans: Yes.

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