Client summary page

Client summary page

The client summary page provides an overview of a client's profile details in a single page. Instead of checking multiple tabs for gathering client information related to their profile, the client summary page provides all the required details on one single page by summarizing the information.

  • Search the client in the Omni search tab either by the client by name, contact no, client id, email id, or national id.

  • The profile of the client will reflect as shown in the above screenshot. Then click on the profile & summary page will be displayed as shown below.

  • On the left side of the page, you will find all the basic details of the client which include.

  • Client Name: The registered name of the client.

  • Client ID (Unique System Generated ID): System allocates auto-generate Id to profile once they are created.

  • Client Status: If the client is an enquiry then it will show as status Enquiry or if the client has purchased the membership then enquiry will turn into Member. If the client has a membership product on their profile then accordingly the membership status will be reflected on the Client Status. e.g. If a profile has active membership then the status will be reflected as active & if the profile does not have any active membership then the status will be reflected as ex-member.

  • Enquiry Date: is the date when a client's profile was created.

  • Contact Number: registered contact number.

  • Email ID: registered email id. 

  • Mobile app installation status: If the club or the gym has a Mobile application then this section will reflect mobile app installation status. (If the client has installed the application then it will show as a mobile app installed & if the client has not installed then the system will show as the mobile app not installed.)

  • Gender: Client's gender.

  • Balance Due: any pending balance amount that will be reflected in this section.

  • Client Rep: is the person who entered the client’s information into the software. Client owners (who have the rights for amendment) can change the Client Rep by clicking on the pencil circle beside the Client Rep tab.

  • Last Visit: this section will represent the information on when was the last time the client visited the club or the gym. (However, this information will be only available if the center has a biometric device installed & software is integrated with an access control application.)

  • Center Visited: in a case where the club or the gym has multiple centers this information will help identify the last center the client visited.

  • Referred By: if a new client was being referred by your existing client or if the referred person’s details were added in the software while creating the Enquiry/Member then the referred person information will reflect here.

  • Available Wallet Credit: if the digital wallet is activated then you can see the total available amount of the wallet in this section. (This section is the same as any other E-commerce website where the client can add the amount in the wallet and the amount will get auto-debit from the wallet on any purchases.)

  • Marketing Preference: The preferences of receiving communication through  SMS, Email, Phone will be reflected in this section. (If a client does not want promotional calls, SMS or Email so respectively it can be chosen and reflected as a preference.)

  • Registered On: if the client’s fingerprint is registered on a biometric machine then details will be reflected here. (Only if biometric device is installed & software is integrated with access control application)

  • On the right side of the page, you will find the below details of the client

  • Valid Memberships: this section will reflect all active memberships of the client (If any). It will also mention the number of active membership days left. 
  • Upcoming Appointments Schedules: this section will reflect upcoming scheduled appointments (If any). e.g. Personal Training membership with the name of the trainer
  • Referrals: this section will reflect the total numbers of referral counts offered by the client.
  • Client Forms: this section will provide all uploaded documents of the client (If any). e.g. medical certificates, college id card, body measurement form.

  • Time Value – this section will reflect the total amount or payment collected from the client to date.

  • General Info - this section will reflect any general information of the client filled at the time of creating the enquiry or member.

  • Medical Alert - this section will reflect any medical conditions (previous injuries, breathing difficulties, etc.) that were entered in the medical alert field while creating the Enquiry/Member. This information helps you to accordingly plan the workout schedule for the client.

  • You can also add a follow-up or close a particular follow-up by entering the appropriate details in the follow-up fields. Click on Add, will open or close the follow-up depending on the parameters given. e.g. You can create feedback follow- up & then close it once information is received from the client.


1. Can we update the client's personal information once the profile is created?

Ans: Yes, you can update the information by clicking on the Edit Details tab reflected on the page before the Summary.

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