Collection report

Collection report

The Collection report enables us to have a quick view of the amount collected by the gym by a particular mode of payment. e.g. cash, cheque, credit, or debit card. You can easily tally the receipts by each payment mode and analyze data easily. 

  • Click on Reports → Collection. (It will take to the new page shown below)

  • Collection Date From – Collection Date To - Select the date range to view the payment collection for that particular time period. e.g. we have set the date range from 1st April 2020 to 17th April 2020, the same way you can view collection reports for any backdated date range.

  • Payment Mode – If you want to check the collection mode of payment then use the drop-down & select respective payment mode for which you want to get the exact collection count. e.g. You will select Debit Card to check how much payment received through the Debit card for a select date range. The same way can use Credit Card, Google Pay as per the configuration. 

  • Payment Status – If the club accepts cheque payments then you will have to change the status of cheque manually post your bank confirmation from here. 

  • Card Type – If you have selected the Payment Mode as a Debit card then in this column you can be more specific by selecting the type of card. e.g. Visa, Master, Rupay. You can also keep it on Select if you do not wish to specify the card types.

  • Cheque No – This will allow you to fetch the collection data by the cheque number.

  • Client ID – With this option, you can fetch the collection data of the specific client. e.g. Let’s say you want to check for a specific client’s collection so you can search it by their Client Id.

  • Receipt No – This allows you to check the collection data for the respective receipt no. e.g. If you have the receipt no & want to tally the payment details with the collection report then add the receipt no in the given column.

  • Mobile App –  If you want to see how much collection club has received from Mobile App then select the Mobile App for exact data. e.g. Client made the payment through Mobile App.

  • Client Portal - If you want to see how much collection club has received from Client Portal then select the Client Portal for exact data. e.g. Client made the payment through Client Portal.

  • Web - If you want to see how much collection club has received from Web Application then select the Web Application for exact data. e.g. Client made the payment through Web Application.

  • After selecting all required fields then click on Filter to get the collection data.

  • Once you click on Filter, you will get to see the above bifurcated of Collection.

  • Export To Excel - You can also export the data into Excel. (Staff profile should have rights to export data)

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