Create new POS or additional payment master

Create new POS or additional payment master

Additional Payment Master (POS) is the feature enables you to configure any additional charges applicable in your center or club. e.g. freezing fee, transfer charges, locker key charges. the feature can also be used to configure any merchandise or POS item that you sell at your center. e.g. t-shirts, gym bag, sipper, proteins, juices, water bottle, spa items.

  • Go To Settings option and click on the Additional Payment Master. You’ll be redirected to a new page.



  • Click on the New option. You'll be redirected to the configuration page.



  • Name: Enter the Name of the charge/product you want to configure. e.g. Gym Bag, Protein Bar, Miscellaneous Charges, etc.


  • Computation Type:  Select Computation Type. This can either be a Fixed Amount or Variable Amount



Fixed Amount: If the computation Type is Fixed, at the time of creating the invoice the amount cannot be edited.
Variable Amount: If the computation type is Variable, at the time of creating the invoice the amount entered can be editable. However, GST will not be applicable to the Variable amount. 


  • Tax: Select Tax as GST-POS.


  • Multiplicity: Select Yes next to the Multiplicity field, only if you want to allow to add this product/charge multiple times while creating the invoice or else you can select as No. e.g. Gym Bag @INR 500 *#3 = 1500 INR. If the multiplicity is yes you can edit the Qty count like in this case it is #3. If the Multiplicity field would have been configured as ‘No’ then in this transaction you would have been able to sell only 1 Qty of a gym bag.


  • No. of Times: In case Multiplicity is Yes, then you need to define how many times this product/charge can be added in a single invoice under the No. of Times field. This is the maximum number of the quantity limit defined. For E.g If the no of times is set as 10 and under one Invoice you selling Spa Oil * #11 Qty, it won’t allow you to proceed and thus you need to select the quantity as #10 or lesser than #10 for that invoice. 


  • Status: Select Status as Active. In case you discontinue the POS you can always In-activate the same by selecting the status as ‘Inactive’.



  • Group: Select Group as Others. In case if you have created a group for “Gym  Bag” as Apparels, then you can categorize it under the specified group i.e Apparels. 

         Refer to  Create the Additional Payment Group & assign the POS items to learn more

  • Service Owner: Select Service Owner as No. e.g. A Gym Bag sale doesn’t need a session owner. Session Owner can be selected as Yes, in case of services like Spa, Massage, or Salon. This will allow you to select the Masseur, Make-up Artist, or Hair-Stylist name under the session owner field at the time of creating an invoice.

  • Compulsory: Select Compulsory as None. You can also select “Membership Bill”, “Pos Bill” or “Membership bill and Pos bill” depending on whether you want to add any charge/product compulsorily while creating any of these invoices. e.g. if you create a ‘Registration Fee and assign the compulsory field as ‘Membership Bill’ in this configuration then at the time of invoicing any membership bill, the registration fee will also be added compulsorily in that invoice. 


  • HSN/SAC: Enter HSN/SAC code number if any, it will be visible on the invoice. HSN (Harmonized System Nomenclature) / SAC (Services Accounting Code) code: This is a code for accounting purposes as every service or goods have been provided with an identifier code by the World Customs Organization (WCO). e.g. Gym Membership code is 999723.


  • Click on the Submit button at the bottom.




1. Can the POS name be edited after the configuration?

Ans: The system admin user can do the configurations. 

2. Who has the right to configure the POS products?

Ans: Yes. Go to Campaign and select ‘Family Campaign Filter’. The list will appear for all the family memberships created. Click on the edit button. Select the status as ‘Inactive’ 

3. Can the POS product details be edited after the configuration?

Ans: Yes. Except for the Name field all other fields are editable. 

4. Can the POS item be configured without GST/VAT? As there are Miscellaneous charges which have to be charged without GST/VAT.

Ans: Yes. In the TAX field, under the drop-down, there will be “ Tax Exempted”. Select the same for those POS items for which the GST/VAT is not applicable.

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