Dashboard feature

Dashboard feature

The dashboard gives you a quick glance at the following on one page.

  • Click on Dashboard (It will take on the page shown below) 


  • The date range will be selected as today‚Äôs date by default. 

  • Under FOR you will have the User's name selected who has logged in the Software.

  • Appointments: View scheduled appointments for the day & also update the status for the same

  • Follow-Ups: Allows you to view the follow-ups for the day. (Example:- Balance follow up created for a particular client for dated 9th April so automatically Balance follow up will get open on Dashboard & will remind you that you need to contact this client for Balance payment) 

  • Collection: Highlights total collections of the today or in the date range selected.

  • Total Balances Due: Highlights the total balance to be received from all your clients for the today or in the date range selected.

  • Post Dated Cheque to be deposited: Gives information about post-dated cheque's to be deposited today or in the date range selected.

  • Irregular Members: Reflects the name of the clients who have not visited the gym for the last 10 days. (Biometric integration is required to get this data)

  • Membership Expires: Reflects the name of the clients whose membership is getting expired today or in the date range selected.

  • Anniversary: Reflects the name of the clients who have their anniversaries today or in the date range selected.

  • Birthday: Reflects the name of the client who has their birthday today or in the date range selected.


1. Can we check missed follow-ups?

AnsYes, you can check missed follow-ups by selecting date range. If not then you can also refer to Follow ups reports.

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